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Interview and Prenatal Care

 An interview allows us the opportunity to meet one another and offers me the chance to become familiar with your birth plan. Don’t have a birth plan? Don’t worry! During our prenatal visits I can help you assemble the foot print for a birth plan that suits you.

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Labor and Birth

Using my knowledge and experience, I will coach you through your birth. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment while using proven techniques so you can focus on bringing your new joy into the world.

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I will continue to support you and your baby past labor and delivery. Just as each labor is unique so is the postpartum period. 

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About Me


Hi! I'm Alexis Crowe. I am a mother, a wife and by love and profession, a doula. Having my son offered me not only the ability to become a mom but also an experience I will get to hold so dear for the rest of my life. Being so touched by this moment in my life, I knew it was my calling and deepest desire to assist other women in their journey to motherhood. 

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Intimate, personalized care

Please contact me directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling doula service inquiries you may have.