The interview process usually takes 1-2 hours. During this time you and/or your partner may ask any questions you have. We will discuss key information such as, due date, where you plan on delivering, and also how YOU plan on having your baby. This is a complimentary service. (no charge)

Prenatal Visits

When our journey begins,  we will share 2  2-hour prenatal appointments scheduled at your convenience. These can occur in the comfort of your home or a nice walk in the park (which helps get those hips moving!), or where ever you are comfortable. We will discuss different comfort measures to help you cope through rushes, breathing techniques and also what you can do prior to the birth to ensure baby is in a great position. This is great to do with your partner if they will be present, so that they can also learn ways to support you! We will review your birth plan, these visits enable you to explore various options for the laboring process and beyond to make informed decision for you and your baby. We can talk about any fears or concerns you may have about labor or birth ahead of time to work through them together and help put your mind at ease.  Aside from these visits you are more than welcome to call/email/text me anytime with any questions! I am here for you. 

Labor and Birth!

This. is. it. 

I start on call at 37 weeks till you are holding your baby. I will be waiting for your call all hours of the day and night waiting to assist you. 

I will be by your side providing constant support, and ensure you have a voice throughout your labor experience. I will stay for one to two hours after the birth, helping answer new questions about nursing, healing etc. 

Postpartum Visit

A postpartum visit is included in my fee. This gives us some face to face time to go over any concerns you may be having, lactation help, or for me to give you some recommended providers in the area. And of course to see your precious baby. 

Postpartum Doula Services

Aside from the Birth Doula package I offer a postpartum package or hourly help. Dishes piling up, haven't showered in what seems to be a week, or you just feel you need two extra hands to help and some ears to listen then this is something I can help with. You can even book this package at a discount with the Birth package.

Placenta Encapsulation or more....

Interested in getting your placenta encapsulated? I can encapsulate and make a cord keepsake! I also offer a second package that includes a tincture, salve and prints along with the keepsake and capsules. 

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